Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Waxing Eloquent?

It is me again .... Cujo. Since coming to live in a campground my life is very different. It is not that I live in a campground, mind you, it is because I am loved.

Last time I was here I told you how I got my name. I also told you that my Mommy said it was ironic. I had no clue what that word even meant and I was so happy to be with my forever person that I didn't care. But Wall-E and I have had some long conversations about life since then. Wall-E may not be the alpha dog in this house, but he is very smart. He even wrote a book!!

Seems there was a movie about a big dog named Cujo. I am not big. The dog in the movie is a St. Bernard and I am a Dachshund. Very different in size. I thought maybe that was the ironic part, but there is more. In the movie the big dog, Cujo has rabies and is crazed as he attacks everyone and everything he sees! The irony is that Cujo, the movie dog was not afraid of anything and I, Cujo am afraid of everything! Get it?

Wall-E has a boy. I personally cannot understand why any dog would want one. I do not care for children. They scare me. They run at me and try to grab me and I end up wetting myself. Wall-E tells me his boy is very gentle and loving, but I still prefer older ladies. He told me that his boy could not keep him in his apartment and that Gramma and Papa drove many hours to get him and bring him home to live here. He says that he loves his boy and misses him, but that he still gets to see him.

I vaguely remember meeting his boy last year, but I was still so new here and scared of everything. His boy, Gavin wasn't all that interested in me. He is all into Wall-E. I remember Gavin's mom. She held me a lot and kept asking my Mommy if she could have me. She already has a dog named Max. She can just leave me here. I am fine right here, with my person.

So, I was asking Wall-E about this book he wrote. His picture is on the cover, but not his name. My person's name is on the cover. He tells me that it was a joint effort between him and Gramma. Which made me ask him my next question ...... why does he call her Gramma? He says he is actually her grand-dog because he belongs to Gavin, her grandson. Whatever, it seems very confusing to me.

Because Wall-E wrote a blog that became a book, I asked my person if I could try my hand at this writing thing. Loving me as much as she does, she could not say no. So, now I get to sit on her lap every day and tell her what is on my mind. She does the rest. She has her laptop and she clicks away while I wax eloquent. Oscar told me to say that part. He has lived a long time and knows more words than I do!

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