Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Cujo here. Meet Annie and Gussie. These dogs belong to Miss Martha and Crazy Tom. My Mom and their mom are great friends. That is all good, but Gussie, the terrier, well, I have some issues with that guy.

Last year a dog park went up in our campground. I think this was a great idea. I already have my very own yard that I share with my pack. Every night we run and run. Wall-E and Toni Louise will have a stare down then they chase each other round and round. I join in and we all have a great time. A dog can't do this while on a leash, you know.

But, this is not about the dog park or running. I have been wanting to get this off my chest for some time. This is about Guss. And my person.
This dog, Guss, really likes my mom. Every time he sees her he goes a little nuts. She will call out his name and he will run to her, she will hold him and he will kiss her over and over. I do not like this!!

I tolerate her love for the other dogs in our house. They were, after all, here first. I share my seat next to her with Wall-E. He settles in next to her in her chair and I just settle on top of him. I always know that the morning time and late night is Oscar's time with her. She lifts him into her arms and carries him to bed. She gives him a massage over his old muscles and kisses him atop his old head. I confess that I do not like it when Toni Louise wants to cuddle with her. Toni Louise is Daddy's dog. She is his favorite. He is her person. When ever Toni tries to snuggle with my mom in the bed, I always nudge her out of the way.

But this little love affair between Guss (she insists on calling him Gussie in this sick little sing-song voice) must be controlled! We went to see Miss Martha one day and I was sitting quietly in my mom's lap when this Guss fellow jumped up on her lap next to me! I was appalled! How dare he!!

I growled and let him know I objected to his presence, but he seemed not to care. Not only that, sometimes I smell him on my mom when she comes inside! She is cheating on me with another dog!

Oscar told me that I am suffering from an acute case of jealousy and that I should get over myself. Easy for him to say. He has been sharing his person for years!

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