Monday, August 4, 2014

I Am The Good One

Hey, Mom! Remember me, we had a date to blog. Come on, Mom. I have so much to say, let's get going!!

Please, please, pick me up! Get your laptop and let's get writing.

My person is tired. She is not getting enough sleep and it is all Oscar's fault. Before bedtime, every night she sings the "Nite, nite pee-pee" song and we all go out for one last potty break. Wall-E will pee and my mom will clap her hands and tell him he is such a good boy.

He will hang his head like he is embarrassed ....... this is just an act, we all know he loves being told he is a good boy. After we hear her praise him we all race to see who can pee next. Oscar will pee on everybody's pee then kick his heels back. That is how he tells us he is still the boss.

So, this makes him pee more than all of us. You would think he would be good for the night. Mom says he must watch her to see when she has just gone to sleep, because that is when he will start to whine. I am always asleep, all snug under the covers next to my mom when this happens. I hear him, but I ignore him, just like I ignore him when he snores.

Mom gets up and carries him in her arms to the yard. Wall-E and I always follow, just because. Oscar takes his sweet time and sometimes Mom will hold me while she waits for him to find just the right place to go. When he finally does, he goes in and drinks lots of water while Mom carries me to bed.

Wall-E, jealous of all the attention Oscar and I are getting will refuse to come back in. Mom will have to go pick him up and carry him in. Then she will put him in the bed and go back for Oscar. This makes her not be able to get back to sleep.

When our person does not sleep well, she gets a little crabby and will snap at us dogs for hardly any infraction! Just this morning as we all followed her out to the clothesline, Toni Louise was fascinated with her flip flops and the nice smacking sound they were making on the floor. She decided to grab the back of one as Mom was walking along. I do not recommend this.

The flip flop came off our person's foot and she used it to swat Toni Louise for her prank. Toni Louise was not at all offended, though. I admit that my feelings would have been crushed had that happened to me.

But, we all know that my Mom loves me and would never smack me! I am the good one, after all.

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