Friday, August 15, 2014

A Boy Is Coming!

My mom has been cleaning the house. Wall-E is very excited, he keeps talking about his boy. "My boy is coming! I can't wait to see him." I personally do not want a boy, I am quite content with my person being a lady .... I was going to say old lady, but she is helping me type this, you know.

She has the spare bedroom all ready and she has been dusting things like fan blades and the top of the doorways. Oscar says she does this when company is coming. He also warned that he was pretty sure that us dogs would be getting a bath! I don't mind a bath too much, but Wall-E is opposed to this. Toni Louise is not a fan of a bath either.

Oscar was first. Toni Louise barked at him the entire time he was being washed and rinsed. My mom toweled him and put him down. All of us dogs sniffed him as he shook all over. He ran and ran in circles and before he knew what happened, Wall-E was scooped up and in the water! Toni Louise hid as far back in her cave as she could.

My mom built a special table to go next to her chair. It is exactly as tall as the chair arm as deep as the chair. When she put it in place, she talked about adding a shelf to store things on. Toni Louise dragged her pillow inside and it became her cave. She is very afraid of thunderstorms and hides in there when she hears them. All of us dogs can fit in there with her. She appreciates my presence during a storm.

I was next and I have to tell you ...... I loved it! My mom put me in nice warm water while she sprayed warm water all over me. Then she grabbed the doggie shampoo ....... no, this is not dog shampoo! The bottle is huge and it says "Horse and Mane"! I am no horse!! Mom assured me that the shampoo was good for dogs, as well as horses. She has even used it on her hair! I have to admit that it has a lovely clean smell and my coat is soft and shiny. My mom knows what is good for us dogs.

Toni Louise refused to come out of her cave. She was quite confident that Mom could not reach her. And she was right! Mom walked away and we all thought that Toni Louise had won. Next thing we knew Mom had treats for us ..... and it wasn't even treat time! She talked to us as she gave us the treats and told us that we were good babies. Oscar made a snort as he took his treat, he always does. Wall-E waited patiently, standing on his back legs. then it was my turn. I get so excited that I sometimes bite Mom's fingers, so she always tells me to "take it nice" and I do.

While all this was happening, Toni Louise was jumping around, waiting for her treat and my mom grabbed her! Toni did not get a treat!! Instead she got a bath. She tried to run and she even started to bite! Mom took her snout in her hand and scolded her while she poured water on her. She was still not happy, but she let Mom bathe her and rinse her. Then Mom put a big towel on herself and picked Toni Louise up and held her and spoke softly in her. We couldn't hear what she said, but Toni hid her face on Mom's shoulder. I think she was ashamed of her own behavior. I think she might have cried!

Anyway we are all clean and ready for this boy of Wall-E's to get here. I hear tell that he is also bring another dog. Max is his name. I am not sure how I feel about that. I am sure I will be posting about it, though.

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