Saturday, August 9, 2014

Life Is Good!

I am not in trouble any more. My mom is back to giving me lots of smoochies. That makes me happy!

You see Oscar and Martha, the boy cat? They are napping. Oscar naps a lot. Martha tends to sleep all day and stay out all night.

This morning all of us dogs went out together. Oscar and Wall-E went back in as soon as they heard my mom putting the food out. I was a little hungry, but I was waiting for Martha to come into the back yard. It is my daily routine to be the very first one to greet him as he climbs the fence.

I like to pounce on his back and we roll around in the grass for awhile. I growl and bite his neck and he hisses and spits at me. It is great fun, helps me work up a good appetite.

Now, sometimes, he will bring us dogs small gifts. Martha is a hunter, you see. He is quite adept at slaying rodents. He has brought mice to us that are not quite dead. He says it will me develop my neck breaking skills. Once he brought a squirrel's back legs, complete with the long tail. Toni Louise and I had a marvelous time playing tug of war with that!

Our mom does not appreciate these gifts and has spoken quite sternly to Martha about this. He just stares at her, totally unconcerned, while she lectures him. Sometimes he will even groom himself as she speaks. She does not like this. He once left the entrails and carcass of a rabbit in her side yard and she did not see it until she had mowed over it. She was not happy, let me tell you!

Well, today, he brought us dogs the head of a baby rabbit. Toni Louise and I were kicking it around like a ball and then chasing each other while we carried it in our mouths. Mom called our names to come in ...... "Cujo, coochie coochie Cujoooo!", "Toni Loooouise, Weezie girl!" "Mommy has treats!"

I threw that rabbit down and ran lickity split to the back door, Toni Louise, too, but she circled back and grabbed the dead rabbit head and came running up. "Wait, what do you have in your mouth? Gahhhh! Spit, spit right now!" She thumped Toni Louise's head and the tiny head fell from her mouth.

"Marthaaaaaa! Mr. Martha, what have you done?" "You are a bad, bad boy!" That was music to my ears. If Martha, the boy cat is in trouble, then she will forget about my unfortunate little biting incident. What a great turn of events. I heard my mom telling people that the tiny rabbit eye was staring at her as she picked it up with a dog poopie bag to dispose of it.

I may have lost a wonderful new toy, but I am back in my mom's good graces! Life is good!

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