Thursday, August 14, 2014

Smitten With Molly

Meet Molly. Molly is a kamp-dog. I met her in my mom's store. Her person was holding her, just like my mom holds me. I sniffed her and I sniffed her again. I think I like her!

Molly has curly hair, I have straight hair. Her hair was very soft and she smelled good! She sniffed me, too. But, I don't think she liked me as much as I liked her ...... can you believe that?

When I came back in my house the others crowded round me and sniffed me. They could smell Molly on me and started asking all sorts of questions. Wall-E wanted to know what she looked like and Toni Louise wanted to know if she liked me. Oscar just sniffed, then went back to his great big bed on the floor.

I told them that she is smaller than me! Toni Louise said she must be the tiniest dog in the world, then, because I am a tiny little shrimp! I tackled her then, and showed her that small dogs can be a force to be reckoned with! We rolled around a bit until I had her neck in my mouth. She took her long, long legs and pushed me off and went to her favorite place to take a nap.

Wall-E and I continued to talk about girl dogs. Wall-E suggested that Molly might be playing hard to get, that she might like me, too. I asked him if he had ever had a girlfriend-dog. He admitted that he had not, but reminded me that Oscar had. Oscar had a wife-dog.

Her name was Emmy and she died before my time. Wall-E told me that sometimes she would get mad at Oscar and even bite him! I am not sure I want a girlfriend-dog ...... Our mom heard us talking. She still misses Emmy. She told me that I possessed Emmy's sweet temperament.

Once, right after I came to live here, she lifted me up to her face and looked deeply into my eyes and said, "Emmy, are you in there?" I wondered what I had gotten myself into. I stared back at her and assured her that the only dog in my head was me, Cujo. Wall-E told me later that she had done the same thing to him. Not about Emmy, since she was still alive, but another dog called Sarge. He thought she was a little wacky, too. He took it as a compliment, though, because Sarge is a legend around here. Mom said he was the absolute best dog ever and it meant that he was just like Sarge.

So, I must be just like Emmy. But ... I am a boy dog and she was  girl dog. This is very confusing. All I know is that I like that dog called Molly and I am going to make her like me!

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