Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Mom Is Home!

My mom is home! I don't like these trips she has been taking. Neither does Toni Louise. She doesn't even want to talk about it, as you can see.

This time when my mom left she left another dog here! Well, she didn't, but Adrienne did. Adrienne is my mom's human daughter. She has a dog named Max and he stayed here with all of us dogs and my dad.

Max tried to tell me he knew more about this house than I did. He was all uppity, too. He even slept right next to my dad!! That is Wall-E's spot. Wall-E likes to sleep with his boy when he is here. But, Wall-E's boy went with my mom on this trip. Wall-E was so upset that he refused to even get in the bed. He slept in the living room, waiting for his boy to come back.

Oscar didn't care so much, but I didn't like this whole situation. I missed my mom and I slept on her pillow. It smelled like her. I missed her so much.

Toni Louise was mad, let me tell you. She slept in her cave. She wouldn't even come to the bed when our dad called her. I think she missed my Mom, too. But, not as much as me!

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