Friday, September 12, 2014

I Did A Bad, Bad Thing

I did a bad thing. I didn't mean to. I was just excited. Now my mom is in a really bad mood.

It was going to be such a good day. It isn't hot outside. There is a chill in the air and I find it quite invigorating. I got out of the bed and waited patiently for her to get up. Okay, maybe I wasn't so patient, I will admit that I did keep jumping into the air to get her attention. Then when she put her hand down to pet me, maybe I did nip at her fingers. But, she likes that, she giggles when I do that.

She got up and all of us dogs followed her to the back door. I ran like the wind. The grass was still wet and tiny droplets would spray into the air as I circled my yard. Round and round I ran, Toni Louise chasing me. Wall-E stayed in bed with his Papa. Oscar just stared into the distance. I suppose I am so fast that he can't see me!

Oscar went inside with our mom. He likes to eat before us other dogs eat.  After my morning run, I sat at the carport window waiting for Martha, the boy cat, to jump through. This is my morning ritual. When Martha comes through that window I tackle him to the ground. We roll around awhile until I pin him down with my jaws around his throat. I would never hurt him!! He is my playmate. He bites me gently, and after our ritual we go in.

Martha likes to play a game with my mom. He gets between her feet and rubs himself against her ankles as she walks. Sometimes she will let him do it for a long time ...... if she has already had her coffee. But most of the time she will walk him  to his food dish and be done with this game of his. This morning was one of those days. She made her coffee and settled into her favorite chair with her lap top. She always turns on the TV, too. She likes the Today Show.

And ..... this is when it happened. I wanted her to pick me up. I like to rest after all my morning activities and let my food digest. There is a spot next to her leg that I wedge into and catch a little nap. My favorite spot to be when she is in her chair. I made a different approach to her today. I usually come to my side of the chair and put my feet on the seat to be lifted into her arms. Then we share some smoochies and she settles me next to her.

Today, I was on the other side of her chair and I came up between her legs and sort of butted my head on her laptop. She asked me what I was doing, but I kept at it, waiting for her to pick me up. She sighed and shifter computer to one side. When she picked me up, I was tangled in the computer cords and she very nearly strangled me! She pulled the one cord over my head and settled me down next to her.

Well, where are my smoochies? I climbed on top of her lap top to reach her face and when I did the cords grabbed her coffee cup, knocking it over! She jumped straight up with her computer, tipping it over, with absolutely no regards about ME!

The hot coffee hit the computer and mostly my mom. After she got all the coffee off her computer, she pulled her sweatpants off really fast. I felt sort of bad, then. I got down all by myself and went into Toni Louise's cave and hid. That was bad. I deprived my mom of her first cup of coffee and I burned her leg. Thank goodness I didn't destroy her computer!

This is not a good way to start the day. I think I will stay out of her way for the rest of the day.

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